Math Kidz

web_hi_res_512Math Kidz covers the 1st and 2nd grade math lessons. Kids learn and master all basic math concepts by playing and enjoying what they do.

With 15 topics and more then 40 exercise types, kids will never get bored.

If something looks too difficult to your kid, you can easily omit that specific exercise from being used, till the child will be ready to tackle a higher in-game difficulty.

Topics covered:

  • directions
  • sets
  • counting
  • +-1 operations
  • number ordering
  • sequences
  • addition, subtraction
  • decomposing into tens and ones
  • minimum / maximum
  • odd / even numbers
  • bigger / smaller / equal
  • shapes
  • clock and time

Using the text-to-speech technology, playing experience will be enhanced by hearing the exercise tasks and the correct answers, once solved (this option is disabled by default, can be enabled from options screen; it’s recommended to install one of the HQ TTS voices from Google or Ivona HQ for a better experience)

The applications is fully localized in English, Spanish and Romanian.

Get it on Google Play

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