Write my Name ABC

write-my-name-iconWrite my Name ABC – Alphabet and Writing Learning for Kidz – guides your child into writing his first words in an interactive and entertaining way.

With letters traced in bright colors and its beautiful happy cartoon illustrated words, Write my Name – ABC keeps your child curious and makes him strive to learn new words and to perfect his writing skills.

Write my Name – ABC makes full use of interaction in order to guide your child and maintain his attention. Grabbing a letter will make it highlight, placing it at the correct position will play a small animation and also the letter will be spelled in a natural pleasant voice. All the actions of your child are accompanied by a cute rabbit teacher, giving directions and encouragement to your child.

With more then 100 words and two ways of playing : ABC Learning – in which your child will peacefully explore all the words and learn how to write them – or Time Race – when you will score for each correct letter, Write my Name ABC – Alphabet and Writing Learning for Kidz will keep your child captivated and will make him learn how to write correctly in a breeze.

Write my Name – ABC is completely localized in English, Spanish and Romanian.

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